Christmas Electrical Safety

Christmas Trees

That center piece of the Christmas decoration can be a huge fire hazard. We for once actually recommend buying fake in this case for Christmas electrical safety.

But if you decide to keep it real this Christmas:

  • Make sure that you keep it well watered. Real trees can need up to 1 litre of water a day to stop them drying out.
  • Don’t spray hairspray, glue or anything else sticky on the tree to stop branches or leaves falling off – it’s like pouring petrol on the tree!
  • Keep it well away from heat sources, particularly portable heaters and don’t put extension leads under the tree.
  • Turn off the lights on the tree every 3/4 hours to give the bulbs a break as the y can get very hot.

The Taxi Rush

Before running out the door for that taxi, make sure that hair straightener and curler have been switched off. 

Lighting The House (Not Lighting It Up)

We all love some bright lights around the house, whether you’re for red and green lights, or white lights we won’t judge. 

  • Make sure your lights are safe, check for the CE marking on the box, and the label on the lights. 
  • Don’t run lights for more than a recommended 6 hours a ta time as they can get very hot. 

Don’t overload sockets and try to avoid the use of extension leads or adapters for long periods of time.

Nodding Off For Santa 

Before you head off to sleep, make sure your phone isn’t charging on anything flammable, and most definitely not under your pillow. 

Please use branded chargers, fake or poor quality chargers are known to overheat, a nightmare if you’re sleeping.

For more safety tips Dublin City Council has the following blog post also.

Have a Wonderful & Safe Christmas, Keep Electrical Safety In Mind This Christmas.