Periodic inspections are carried out by highly trained electricians who locate any electrical dangers in your building.

These essential electrical safety services ensure your building’s wiring and fixed appliances are inspected and certified, in addition to repairing or removing any dangerous wiring or appliances.


Electrical Periodic Inspection Ireland

Understanding Periodic Inspections

Periodic Inspections are new to many business managers in Ireland. Especially as buildings and appliances become older, it is important to maintain regular service intervals to comply with health and safety regulations and insurance practices.

Improve Safety

Keep your business and your staff safe from electrical injuries or possible fire hazards caused by appliances.

Enhance Asset Lifetime Value

Our staff are specially trained to locate faults in wiring and equipment which (if left uninspected) can result in appliances not lasting as they should.

Reduce Insurance Liability

Having your building and spaces tested demonstrates compliance with current health and safety regulations.

Increased Productivity

Having all your electrics inspected and maintained on a periodic basis means less interruptions in the workspace, resulting in continued and increased productivity

What is the Cost?

Prices will vary depending on the size of the building/space, number of fuse-boards, electrical fit-outs and other factors. We advise getting in touch with us for an accurate quote that suits your needs.

Law On Periodic Inspection

Yes, periodic inspections are a legal requirement under 2007 Safety Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations. For additional (and detailed) information please see the HSA website.

Frequency Of Periodic Testing

The majority of business require periodic inspections once every 5 years. However, some businesses and spaces will require inspections every 3 years. Please contact us to see which inspection timeline is appropriate for your business.

Reports & Certificates

After periodic inspections, we issue a detailed report outlining the condition of your buildings electrics. This report will outline any faults located as well as any action needed to repair them. Once the inspection is completed, you will be issued with a certificate of inspection in order to show your compliance with regulations.

What If There Are Fails?

In the event of any failures, our electrician will provide details in the report which outline the conditions of the failure and the actions needed to repair it. We can also provide quotes to repair any fails that appear during the inspection.

Is It A Legal Requirement?

Yes, periodic inspections are a legal requirement under 2007 Safety Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations.

What Is The Periodic Inspection?

A periodic inspection consists of a thorough process conducted by trained electrical technicians to monitor the status and quality of electrics in the building to determine if the space is safe and if any hazards or dangers are present.

During Working Hours?

The most efficient time for periodic inspections is before or after business hours, as the process will involve having the power off for prolonged periods of time. We also offer weekend inspections for businesses who are unable to accommodate testing between Monday-Friday.

How Long Does It Take?

Inspections are typically completed within 2 to 8 hours depending on the size and electrics of the space and or building. For example, an office floor can take up to 2 hours, so a 3 storey inspection would require a full evening (approx. 6 hours), while a 2 bedroom home or flat would typically be completed within 2 hours. As these times are estimates based on previous work experience, we recommend contacting us for an accurate estimate to reflect your needs.


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