We offer a full range of services for emergency lighting testing and also offer maintenance to keep them in working order. Yearly and quarterly Emergency lighting testing inspections along with regular maintenance with official certification.


Emergency Lighting Testing Ireland

Emergency Lighting Information

Emergency lighting testing is absolutely crucial so understanding what it is, why it’s needed and most importantly what you get from testing is essential for making a good decision on it.

Testing Packages

We offer 2 different packages when it comes to Emergency Lighting Packages which cover testing.

Full Year Package – This our most detailed package available. It includes one 3 hour test once a year, with an additional visit every 3 months. This will give you 4 visits per year ensuring your emergency lights are always working. 4 tests a year is also the legal requirement.
Detailed Initial Inspection – A visit that will involve a full assessment of lighting systems that have not been maintained for quite some time. We will develop a full plan on how to bring the lighting up to standard so you are protected.

Improve Safety

Keep your business and your staff safe from dangerous injuries caused by emergency lighting not working.

Having your building tested allows you to show that you were being safe and cautious about emergencies.

You can rest easy knowing if there was an emergency that your emergency lights would light the way out every time.

Comply with Regulations

Keep your business legally compliant with the Safety, Health, And Welfare Law.

Insurance Requirement

Having your building tested allows you to show that you were being safe and cautious about emergencies.

Protect Your Staff

Keep your staff safe at work, don’t allow a chance that those lights won’t work in case there is an emergency.

Law On Testing

It is a legal requirement for businesses to have emergency lighting testing carried out 4 times a year in order to prove that the building’s emergency lighting is safe and working order.

Frequency of Testing

Emergency Lighting must be tested 4 times a year. The standard approach is to test the lighting every quarter with 4 visits a year.

Reports & Certificates

After emergency lighting test, we will issue you with detailed reporting outlining the health of your emergency lighting. The report will also outline the faults found and any action needed to repair these faults. You will be issued with a certificate of inspection in order to show your compliance with regulations.

What if there are fails

In the event of any failures, our electrician will detail these in the report outlining the details of the failure and the action needed to repair it. We can on request also quote to repair any fails that appear during the inspection.

Is it a legal requirement

Yes, having emergency lighting testing carried out regularly is a legal requirement under health and safety regulations here in Ireland. It is required that lighting is maintained while also be testing at least 4 times a year, which usually involves a test every 3 months.

During Working Hours

We can facilitate emergency lighting testing during hours for small properties and will work around your schedule to fit in testing at the best time for you. We also offer testing in the evenings and weekends if this is a more suitable slot for testing.


Minimum Order 5 Lights
Service Area Leinster


Week Days 8:00 – 18:00
Saturday 9:00 – 17:00
Outside Hours Appointment


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