By law in Ireland, businesses are required to test their portable appliances at a minimum of once per year. While most appliances only require annual testing, others may require less or more frequent monitoring due the use or function of the appliances. These factors however, will be determined by a trained PAT technician upon inspection and communicated to the client, who will also be issued with a report detailing the same information for reference and insurance purposes.

What Does PAT Stand for in Electrical Testing?

Portable Appliance Testing (commonly referred to as PAT) can only be carried out by trained and certified technicians who have undergone detailed health, safety and operational training in specialised PAT certification courses. This training is required to issue the reports needed for insurance companies to demonstrate safety compliance in the workplace with documents provided by qualified technicians. Likewise, our technicians will always be using the latest technology and equipment to ensure efficient and detailed results for electrical testing certificates.

Electrical PAT Testing Cost Ireland

Electrical PAT Testing Cost

Costs for PAT testing, similar to the frequency of testing needed, varies due to the number of appliances and spaces that need to be inspected. It is always best to call us ahead for a quote with the number of portable appliances in your business or residence as well as the size of the space(s) requiring testing. Portable appliances qualify as anything which plugs into a socket, i.e., laptop and phone chargers, wi-fi stations/portable hubs, printers, scanners, refrigerators, kettles, toasters, etc. Testing can typically be completed easily within business hours with no disruption to the workplace (which is key when doing PAT Testing for HSE). However, testing can also be completed outside business hours upon request, or suggested due to the size or frequent usage of the space.

Benefits of PAT Testing

PAT testing when adhered to regular service intervals, increases productivity in the workplace, as appliances are less frequent to fail or cause potential safety hazards that can disrupt working environments. In between PAT testing services, businesses can also maintain the health of their appliances by visually inspecting them for any wires or possible hazards such as cracked casings or damaged plugs. Although PAT technicians will also visually inspect appliances, their equipment will monitor the devices’ readings for insulation resistance, earth continuity, lead polarity, among other specialized tests.

PAT Testing Business Ireland

PAT Testing for Businesses

If you have any questions or concerns about PAT Testing for businesses, or would like one of trained PAT technicians to arrange a site inspection then give us a call now on 01-9602636 or contact us online for more info.

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