The PAT group has decades of professional and collective experience as electrical safety consultants in Ireland. The PAT group’s electrical safety consulting provides a holistic approach to accessing electrical risks, electrical safety audits and continued maintenance of electrical works and wiring throughout business and residential spaces, in addition to providing training and development resources for qualified electricians and apprentices.

Electrical Safety in the Workplace

It is important to reflect on the role of electrical safety within the context of the workplace, as everyone can practice safe electrical habits. These include the basics, like not overloading sockets, labelling power switches on fixed appliances in cases of emergency, as well as noticing fraying and broken cords or wiring and electrical equipment not working properly, which can be indicative of larger (or unseen) problems that require professional intervention.

Electrical Safety Policy

By law, businesses and residences should have electrical safety protocols and an electrical safety policy in place for routine maintenance to avoid the aforementioned problems by carrying out scheduled periodic inspections / fixed wire testing, PAT Testing and ensuring that all works have been completed by certified electricians and technicians. When the inspections have been completed you’ll be issued with a electrical test certificate.

Electrical Safety Policy - Periodic Inspections - Wire Testing Ireland

Electrical Safety Standards

When completing electrical works and installations, our electricians follow the guidelines of the Health and Safety Authority, and adhere to legislation for electrical safety as defined by I.S. 10101:2020 for voltages of 1000 volt AC and below.

Electrical Safety Standards

Likewise, reports issued by electricians for fixed wire and periodic testing will rate each device with CAT readings. CAT readings (also interchangeably referred to as Multimeter readings) are divided into four sub-categories as defined by The International Electrotechnical Commission and include:

  • CAT 1 (electronic devices)
  • CAT 2 (single-phase AC loads, ie., appliances and portable tools)
  • CAT 3 (three-phase distribution, ie., large scale/building lighting systems)
  • CAT 4 (three-phase utility connections or outdoor conductors, ie., outdoor electrical meters, outdoor connections).

The CAT report provided by an electrical safety consultant after inspection will be able to inform clients as to how their devices are performing to ensure that all meet or exceed the ratings required by the manufacturer. This is done to reduce the risk of electrical shock and fatalities due to faulty appliances.

Electrical Safety Consultants Ireland - PAT GROUP Ireland

Electrical Safety Consultants Ireland

Here at our team of electrical safety consultants can provide you and your business a the full range of services needed to keep your business safe and compliant.
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