As part of our broader electrical services, we are proud to be one of the first companies in Ireland to have a thermal imaging drone to provide greater customer support for large area inspections and spaces which can be difficult or hazardous to navigate.

Thermal Imaging Drone Uses

Our ‘eye in the sky’ is particularly suited for larger or complex environments, such as warehouses, stables, construction sites or anywhere where a thermal image can provide insight. Thermal imaging drones can also be used for surveys and properties which require specialized inspections in difficult conditions. The thermal imaging drone provides you with precise high-resolution visual and thermal readings for large or difficult sites and spaces, and can quickly and clearly identify outdoor and indoor hazards.

Thermal Imaging Drone Uses - PAT Group Ireland

Detailed Reporting

This service provides clients with visual and thermal videos to suit the needs of their projects, in addition to a detailed reports identifying electrical and structural hazards. This work can be quickly and efficiently carried out during or out of working hours, as the drone reaches its needed altitude in less than a minute, and uses up to 240 waypoints to establish accurate and automated readings for high-resolution radiometric thermal imaging.

Thermal Imaging Service

This service is particularly useful for larger and busier sites as the drone allows for inspections to be completed quickly and accurately, with full visual and thermal reports. However, the manoeuvrability and precise readings from the drone have been equally helpful for clients undergoing restoration works, as the device provides a visual survey of spaces or buildings which would be dangerous to enter without proper structural supports. With thermal imaging footage, our clients have been able to make informed decisions when upgrading or improving their existing infrastructure, in addition to identifying hazards for maintenance and conservation plans.

Thermal Imaging Drone Ireland - PAT Group

Thermal Imaging Drone Ireland

Here at we like to continually expand our service offering and this new thermal imaging drone is another sign of that. If you need thermal imaging services then give us a call now on 01-9602636 or contact us online.

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